Pro 7 Panel: Inflammation

Dr. Sima Aidun, N.M.D.

Because all areas of genetic testing are interconnected with one another, a weakness or strength in any one area can positively or negatively affect other areas. This is why we take a holistic approach to genetic testing with the Pro 7 Panel, rather than testing just one area of concern.


When patients used to ask me, “what can I do to combat and prevent inflammation for years to come?” the best treatment plan I could prescribe was a generic, one size fits all recommendation. Almost everyone received the same instructions to combat inflammation and it worked with varying degrees of success.  I was frustrated that many patients continued to suffer.

I had no solution – until now!

With the development of precision medicine through genetic testing – known as Nutrigenomics – we can now discover exactly how YOUR body manages inflammation as unique to others.

What is Inflammation?

Our white blood cells (also called our immune cells) have the task of fighting off invaders like viruses, bacteria, foreign objects, or other irritants.

When our white blood cells perceive a threat or an invader, they release a chemical to fight off the unwanted irritant. This results in redness, swelling, pain, and compromised function of the area involved.

Examples of invaders that our immune cells attack are bacteria, virus, yeast, parasites, foreign objects, foods such as gluten, dairy, nuts etc. Stress can also provoke an inflammatory response by activating immune cells in the brain.

Sometimes, our own immune cells perceive a part of our own body, such as thyroid tissue or joint tissue, as an invader resulting in inflammation. This process is called Autoimmunity.

So how effective are YOUR white blood cells at attacking and eliminating invaders?  That’s what the Nutrigenomic Genetic Testing Pro 7 Profile tells us.

“Now, we can be very specific and customized in our approach to treating and controlling YOUR inflammation issues.”

~ Dr. Sima Aidun, N.M.D.

What information does the Pro 7 Genetic Testing Profile reveal?

White Blood Cells

You’ll discover whether or not your white blood cells can turn off inflammation in a timely manner. In the Pro 7 test, 8 genes are analyzed for inflammation. The more genes we find to be mutated (changed), the less ability you have to control and stop inflammation in a timely manner.

Vitamin D

You’ll know how much vitamin D is able to get into your cells, and not just float around in your blood providing little to no benefit. Vitamin D is very important for so many functions such as immune system, inflammation control, cancer prevention, bone density, and depression to name a few. Having a high level of Vitamin D in your blood is not a measure of the amount of Vitamin D in your cells. Cellular level Vitamin D is what is important. The Pro-7 panel checks the receptor sites of your cells (the gates) responsible for bringing Vitamin D into the cell. With this information, we know exactly how much supplemental Vitamin D you require to achieve optimum cellular functioning.

External Substances

You’ll learn how YOU handle inflammatory substances coming into your body from external sources such as gluten, carbohydrates, and histamine


You’ll know how well (or not) your cells can clean themselves. Our cells ability to clean themselves is a process called “Autophagy.”

If the genes responsible for autophagy are mutated (changed) our cells cannot clean and recycle their internal parts and what is left behind are toxic cells with dysfunctional parts. As a result, those dirty cells lose their ability to interact with outside substances such as hormones, most importantly insulin, nutrients, neurotransmitters, etc. Autophagy seems to be the very deep underlying cause in the development of cancer, Alzheimer’s, and insulin resistance among others. The inability to have proper autophagy hastens the internal aging of our cells.


You’ll find out if your body can product its own probiotics. Probiotics exist to not only ensure you have a healthy gut and bowel movements but are also the main trainers for our immune cells. They make sure our immune cells are not overly excited. Overly excited immune cells produce too much inflammatory substances. With this information we will know whether you need supplemental probiotics.

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