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I’m Dr. Sima Aidun, N.M.D. Let me share with you a little bit about how I approach my patient’s care.

With the patient’s complete medical history as my starting point, I utilize the scientific application of gold standard testing and imaging to reach a proper diagnosis following which, an evidence based natural medical approach is integrated with modern medical science, including the use of prescription medication when necessary, to target the specific underlying cause(s) of the issue.

We empathize, listen and believe in your intuition and dignity.

There are a number of goals for maintaining this type of collaboration, chief among them is to maintain the same high quality of care throughout the entirety of your treatment experience.


Dr. Sima Aidun, N.M.D.

Practice Areas

Endocrine Care

Treating Hormonal Issues with Traditional & Natural Medicine

Our endocrinology care includes expertise and resources to diagnose and treat endocrine disorders, and the hormone imbalances they cause, by restoring normal hormone balance with medications or other therapies, diet and nutrition.

The scientific application of gold standard testing and imaging are combined with your complete medical history to reach a proper diagnosis. We use an evidence based natural medical approach integrated with traditional medical science.

Stop the
Weight Struggle

Medically Supervised Program for Weight Control & Insulin Resistance

This is program designed to help patients with insulin resistance, pre-diabetes, diabetes and/or weight issues to control their sugar levels, drop harmful weight, and prevent chronic disease with the use of Ozempic (Semaglutide) .

Genetic Medicine

Personalized / Precision Treatment: The Future of Medicine

Genetic testing enables Precision Medicine, a new approach whereby physicians take into account, unique factors relevant to a patient’s genetic makeup, environment and lifestyle in order to design a customized disease treatment and prevention plan tailored to the patient.

This is an exciting evolution of traditional healthcare that until recently has been a one-size-fits-all approach. Now, we can develop specific strategies unique to each individual, giving them the education and empowerment to manage their own bodies for optimal health.

trusted by patients

What They Say About Dr. Aidun

“I met Dr. Aidun about five years ago, and I can honestly say she has changed my life. She takes a caring, integrative approach, and she actually LISTENS.

She wants her patients to become healthy in all areas of their lives and will not stop until she sees results.”

Kelly M.

“Several years ago I was getting sick with sore throats and colds as a result of my constant exposure to my Grandbabies. I spoke with Dr. Aidun about my frustration. Myer’s Cocktail was suggested. This treatment marked the end of feeling run down as a result of numerous sore throats and colds. That was quite some time ago and I am happy to say I haven’t had a cold in years! I really know that the Myer’s Cocktail gave me the boost I needed. I would highly recommend this. It made such a difference in my immune system. Thank you Dr. Aidun!!!!!”

Diane Bourget

“When I met Dr. Aidun I was very sick. No matter which doctor I saw I couldn’t find answers or clarification on how to improve my situation. 

With Dr. Aidun it was amazing to have somebody who cared that much about explaining to me what my lab and genetic test results meant.

I am now relatively healthy and would have never known how to resolve my issues without genetic testing.

It’s amazing what we’ve been able to accomplish!”

Sally Johnson

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