Genetic Panels

Pro 7

The most comprehensive test and Dr. Aidun’s preferred panel. Unless your case is very specific, we highly recommend the Pro 7 Panel.

For patients who are overall healthy and desiring nutritional guidance, have no significant family history of disease, have basic problems with intestinal health and allergies or want a health plan, fitness regimen or anti-aging program.


You may be feeding your body the correct nutrients, but they’re useless if your body’s cells can’t absorb them properly. An Autophagy genetic test is one of the only ways to know whether your internal cellular recycling system is intact.

Diet & Wellness

The regulation of body weight is complex and dependent on several factors. Overweight conditions and obesity may increase the risk of many health problems, including diabetes, heart disease, and certain types of cancer. This test identifies your response to carbs, protein and fat as well as the best types of exercise (weight bearing, aerobic) for your type of genetic makeup, and other factors that could help or sabotage your weight loss efforts.

Immunity, Auto-Immunity, & Inflammation

30 gene variants are analyzed for Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (or mutations) which may help predict your response to certain drugs, susceptibility to environmental factors such as toxins, and risk of developing particular diseases. You will find out how your body is programmed to handle inflammation and its consequences and learn how to overcome the defects for you.

Child Development

Designed especially for children with behavioral or learning issues such as ADHD, or spectrum disorders, this report will take the patient’s genetic results and create nutritional and lifestyle recommendations to improve their conditions along with recommended lab work and health precautions.

Chronic Pain

Aims to bring validity to patients’ pain while supplying providers the knowledge they need to create a personalized chronic pain treatment protocol for their patients so they can live a normal day-to-day life.

Essential Vitamins

Your body requires essential minerals and vitamins for every process and function. These nutrients work in symphony to grow, heal, repair and maintain your body’s cells, organs, systems, and skeleton.  This test will tell you which vitamins your body is able to utilize efficiently when ingested from food and which vitamins need supplementation.


Seven key genes are analyzed to help predict your response and susceptibility to toxic environmental  factors.

Neurological, Psychological & Mood

Do you find yourself getting into moods and not being able to shake it? Or going through life and emotionally gliding through whatever comes your way? No matter which, there is a connection between mood and genetics.

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